Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eric - Mount Washington

I got to meet Eric Marshall last September through a collegiate Christian fellowship, InterVarsity. He just finished up his grad work at MIT where he recently submitted his thesis on something extremely smart, dealing with nuclear nonproliferation (he's MAD smart).

Through this past year, we've gotten the chance to have many, many meals at Qdoba and get to know each other pretty well. We're both pretty similar (semi-southern guys from military backgrounds), so it's been fun hanging out and trying to absorb every ounce of wisdom I can from him. He's helped me grow an insane amount in all sorts of ways and its been refreshing to look at the last ten months and realized I've changed a good bit and I'm getting a tad better at doing life (only a tad, with a long road ahead of me...). 

He's done with his grad work and is heading out of Boston this summer to do bigger and better things, so for one last hoorah we decided to hike Mt. Washington, the highest peak in New England. We hiked to the summit with another military brother, Carl, and despite the semi-crazy weather, the clouds eventually cleared out and it was a beautiful trip. 

Eric, I literally can't thank you enough being an old man willing to share your thoughts and do life with college guys. You're a nice change of company when I'm constantly surrounded by 20-somethings. And most importantly I'm mad grateful for your commitment to our friendship and the effect you've had on my character. Have fun at West Point!

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