Thursday, February 19, 2015


I have this funny habit of dusting off the blog in 12 month increments.
A year ago I was in beautiful Australia with beautiful scenery and wonderful friends making magical memories. Now I'm a college graduate, living in Boston, with a full time job and a boatload of student debt. I have piles of debt higher than the snowbanks outside my front door.

It's been a year of transition and transitions often cause lots of emotions. And its often interesting to see how people leverage their emotions when traversing transition, making decisions and living life.

Some people eat (lots.) Some run (away.) Some sleep. Some work furiously. Some do nothing. Some yell, fight, scream, kill (oh, no.) Some cry. Emotions manifest in lots of ways, right?

Lately I've been feeling lots of things about lots of situations. Finances, vocations, creativity, relationships, spirituality, et cetera, et cetera...

So I'm hoping to leverage my thoughts and emotions by channeling them in creative, productive ways. Two things that have taken a lot of my brainspace lately are personal finance and creative drive. So hopefully I'll be able to constructively and consistently talk about and dive into these two ideas (among others) rather than allowing them to mull around in my brain while simultaneously making me lose my hair.

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