Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to the good life...

It's insane, really. This semester is full of goodness, and responsibility, and busyness, and stress.
But mostly goodness.
As a student, I'm taking a few history classes (Ancient Philosophy, Civil War, and Television) and a film production class. As a student leader I'm an RA in Warren Towers (my freshman stomping grounds) and a chapter leader in the ever-supportive Christian fellowship I'm in: InterVarsity. As a filmmaker, I get the opportunity to work on several 16mm shorts. And as a friend I get to enjoy old friendships and develop new ones.
Through all this busyness and responsibility, I've been overwhelmed with an intense amount of joy.
Life is really good.

But why? That's what I've been curious about. Why am I being so joyful in the often dreadful world of academia, or so awake in the tiring college lifestyle?
Several reasons, I think...

  • Acknowledging I can't keep up with this busyness on my own, saying "God, I'm trusting you'll get me through this craziness, you're number one."
  • Staying busy with things I love. (i.e. Jesus, people, and media creation)
  • Witnessing suffering, and realizing I literally have nothing to complain about. 
  • Getting enough sleep. 'Nuff said.
  • Luck. No crazy professors, no academic disasters, great friends, a supportive community. 

Not sure if this list is comprehensive or accurate, but regardless, life is good. I desperately hope you see the goodness in your life (even despite how cheesy or cliche that sounds.)


  1. Its funny, I haven't visited my blog since the day i started it and today I decided to go back and take a look, and there you were, just writing a new blog post. I cannot tell you how ecstatic your blog post makes me. I was smiling the whole time and overjoyed to read how life has been. I'm oh so happy to read about God being your center and you finding joy in every day.Please come visit me soon.