Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Hundred Days and a Few Years

I've been growing a beard for 105 days.
I'll be leaving Boston as a student for the last time in 96 days.
I came to Boston University as a student for the first time nearly two and a half years ago.


A lot can happen in a hundred days, or a few years.

A hundred days ago I was regretting some poor decision making. I was coming down from the high I'd been riding in my previous post. I also found a new high in my Production 2 class and the great piece of collaboration we put together.

In the last one hundred days I've realized a couple (read: several) of my character flaws. I've been challenged. I've enjoyed my classes and learned a ton. I went home to Clarksville for the first time in two years and went to Alaska for the third time in a year.

I'm not very eloquent, but looking back to November, and looking back to Freshman year really excites and overwhelms me.

I've met hundreds of phenomenal humans and had thousands of meaningful and insightful conversations. I've laughed for hours and cried (only a couple times!) I've failed. I've seen skeletons from my past that proved to be more consequential than I ever thought they would be. I've finally understood life lessons my parents tried to ingrain in me over and over again as a kid. I've made the same bad life choices I tell my residents to avoid. I've made films, told stories. I've shot more than a thousand feet of 16mm film. I've matured; I've been inspired by my friends to not complain as much. I've eaten Dunkin Donuts out of the dumpster. I've pulled all nighters. I've roamed multiple cities at three in the morning. I've been challenged to love Jesus and people, to authentically and genuinely glorify my Creator.  I've lived and it feels insanely wonderful.

WOWZA (I warned you about my lack of eloquence!) Life is unreal!
I'm not trying to be all feel-goody, butterflies-and-rainbows, flowers-and-glitter, or bacon-and-UFC (for you Driscoll fans.) But I do want to appreciate the insanely good life I've got going for me. I'm blessed.

And my head isn't so far in the clouds that I don't remember I've failed and screwed up too. And I haven't taken too many risks. I'm afraid of failure, commitment, and surrendering control. Things I want to change and get better at. But that's what the next 100 days are for, right?

How've you changed in the last 100 days? Where are you going in your next 100?

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