Monday, January 6, 2014

Saying Goodbye, Grateful for Friends

This Saturday I'll be headed to Sydney, Australia to study abroad for a semester before I graduate with my bachelor's in Film and Television this spring. I'll try to update this once a week or so and keep you in the loop about where I'm at and what I'm up to.
I'll try to find a nice balance between sharing superficial photos of cool food I'm eating and my overwhelming worries about what I'm doing after I graduate. Enjoy! (If you want to...)

 I've spent the last few days seeing friends, saying goodbyes, and packing up all my belongings.

Saturday I went swing dancing with an old friend who I'm grateful I reconnected with this fall. Afterwards, we caught a snazyy bluegrass band and she bought me a Foster's to send me off on my adventures down under.

Sunday morning I made it to Caring Community Church of God where I got to worship with some dear friends, say goodbye to them, and take their blessings along with me. Also, lots of people made "shrimp on the bawbee" jokes, it humored me. Or should I say humoured me.

Sunday afternoon, my favorite engaged couple took me to my first experience at the PA Farm Show, an unbelievably country experience with lots of farm animals, tractors, delicious food and large belt buckles. It's a huge deal in south central PA, and it was wonderful.
(Note the 1,000 pound butter sculpture. #merica)

For future posts, I'll try to make sure my pictures aren't all low quality iPhone pictures.


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