Friday, January 10, 2014

This is it folks!

Welp. It's here!

I remember talking to E. Drevets and and E. Bell my freshman year about how much I was looking forward to studying abroad (mostly from hearing their rave reviews and stories from their experiences) and I can't believe my journey is about to begin! Although Sydney, Australia is a little different than my original freshman plan of Niamey, Niger, I couldn't be more excited.

For anyone who's curious, here's my (complicated) plan to get to Sydney:

Bus from Harrisburg (12:30PM EST) -> Philadelphia
Philadelphia -> Newark (6:00PM EST)

Meet up with the wonderful Aubree and Chelsea Woods and hang out with the Woods family for the night.

Grab a shuttle from Newark (10:00AM EST) -> JFK Airport (12:30PM EST)

Flight from JFK (3:30PM EST) -> Shanghai, China (7:25PM CST/ Sunday) [15h]
Flight from Shanghai (11:45PM CST) -> Sydney, Australia (1:30PM/ Monday) [10.75h]

A lot of hours later, I ARRIVE!

Time zones confuse me.
Wish me luck.


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