Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week Two - The Blue Mountains

This past Saturday, a big group of us took a day trip to the Blue Mountains, about two hours west of Sydney. The trip was planned Phi Beta Dingo, a local travel agency, and hosted by Dingo Jen, which was a wonderful way to see more sights than I would've on my own.

About fifty of us piled onto a coach and headed west. [Fun fact: it's illegal to eat or drink on a coach/bus in New South Wales.] Our first stop was the Sydney Olympic Park, home of the 2000 Summer Olympics. We didn't hang out long, but we did check out an area outside the main stadium with all the volunteer names and different track and field event results [Fun fact: A 25ft long jump won Ivan Pedroso the gold medal in 2000. I didn't know it was humanly possible to jump that far.]

Then we stopped at a wildlife park and saw [and touched and fed] all sorts of incredibly adorable animals. Enough said. More pictures to come.
[Fun fact: its illegal to hold a Koala in New South Wales]

I haven't been able to get rid of this cheesy smile since I've gotten here. #sorry

Next, we stopped for lunch in Leura, a small mountain town with lots of little quaint shops [the types of places Moms like to go], local eateries [where we had delicious meat pies], and a grocery store [where we got a great deal on a huge pack of timtams.]

We drove a little farther down the road to see the Three Sisters and hopped on the bus one last time to go for a little hike down into the Blue Mountains [They kind of reminded me of a shallower, forested version of the Grand Canyon.] It was all beautiful, of course. At the end of our hike, we jumped on the world's steepest railway to get back to the top.

The Three Sisters


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